Part of a successful holiday is, of course, discovering the local cuisine.

The Portuguese kitchen, especially in the Algarve, mainly uses fish and seafood as primary ingredients. And fresh is delicious. Nothing better to enjoy freshly caught fish on the barbeque, salt and pepper, fresh salad and a refreshing local wine at the fishing port. A must do in Fuseta.

We recommend the following restaurants that are within 10 to 30 minutes drive from Casa do Cerro:

Moncarapacho :
O António
A terra – Villa Monte
Restaurante Apetit’s
São Brás :
Sabores do Campo
4 a Mesa
Fuseta :
Casa Corvo
A Concha
Mó de Cima
Olhão :
Cha Cha Cha
Restaurante Maré
Faro :
A Venda
Tertúlia Algarvia
Tavira :
Restaurante Aquasul
Restaurante Rive Gauche